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Putting the real in Retail
Do you want to become part of the X5 Group's impressive retail strategy?
The X5 Group is one of the fastest growing retail groups in the world, with 15,000 retail locations across Russia, over $24Bn in annual revenue, 4.6Bn annual customer visits and over 270,000 employees. It has shown impressive growth in recent years, consistently outperforming even the fast growing Russian retail market. At the core of this success is a holistic view of the customer experience, an omni-channel approach to retail and a commitment to technology for better efficiency and performance.
What we are looking for?
1) Innovative solutions that can assist X5 to achieve its strategic priorities
2) Working, pilot-ready solutions
3) Target for full implementation: 18 months

Topics of interest:
The Customer Experience - E.g. improving the customer journey, bridging the online and in-store shopping experiences, customer loyalty and personalization
Store Operations - E.g. efficiency of in-store processes, on-shelf availability, robotization, price tag management, anti-fraud/anti-theft measures, optimizing operations
Supply Chain - E.g. transportation efficiency and safety, inventory management, cost optimization, delivery tracking, warehouse ergonomics, quality control, predictive analytics
Back Office - E.g. personnel management, legal tech

Apllication for startups
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Confidentiality Disclamer:
All the information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of assessing the possibility of piloting your solution / product within the business of X5 Retail Group.
None of this information will be used or transferred to third parties with the exception of project participants - Dsight and X5 Retail Group.
This confidentiality disclaimer is not a legally binding obligation under the laws of the Russian Federation or other countries.
Dsight and X5 Retail Group guarantee to take all necessary and reasonable measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided.
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